Belief Buster Bonanza!

26 June 2024



A couple of times a year we get together for a 'Belief Buster Bonanza'.

This is where we go through the Belief Buster process in depth. We do this as its one of the most useful and impactful self-coaching tools for you to use.

Our self-doubt is fuelled by our protective beliefs - so using the BB you can slow down and grow your awareness of your protective beliefs. These might be long-standing generalised beliefs (eg: I'm not enough | I always end up alone | Everyone else has their shit together...).
You may also have unhelpful beliefs over specific situations (eg, My colleague dismissed my idea | No one listened until I got angry | She shouldn't have said that).

You can use the BB process to understand how these beliefs are running things, and how you can choose more helpful beliefs to experiment with.

In the workshop we look at common ways we can get tripped up and I'll show you how to support your heart, brain and nervous system as you reflect on how you make sense of your world.